Earth Haven Farm

Registered Romney Sheep and their Wool

We have raised sheep for about 35 years, and raised specifically Romneys for at least 25 of those years.

At present, we run about 25 registered sheep.

Romney sheep are well-known to have one of the nicest hand-spinning fleeces of all breeds, and our focus has always been primarily on wool. We have both colored and black-factored white sheep, and are quite involved in the upsurge of interest in the old, “recessive” colors. While we rarely show our fleeces (We do not like to save my best fleece for show, as it deprives the handspinner of the freshest fleeces), it is safe to say that our sheep have made a name for themselves with the “spin-ability” of their soft, clean, lustrous fleece.

We do not coat our sheep, prefering the look of a truly natural fleece, raised outdoors in the cleanest conditions possible.

Our bloodlines rely heavily on the old, New England lines, such as Hughes.

Our sheep are beautiful, and also figure prominently as “models” for Mary’s original oil paintings.


Breeding Stock:

Registered ewe lambs–usually around $400

Ram lambs–usually around $400

Mature ewes and rams–$100-$500

Feeder lambs, around 2 months–Usually $175

Fleece: $10-$12 per pound, by the entire fleece

Registered Romney Sheep
Registered Romney Sheep
Registered Romney Sheep
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